Daily Pet Check-Ins in Wilmington, DE

We understand that balancing a demanding work schedule, personal life and home and pet care can be extremely delicate. That’s why we offer daily check-ins, designed to increase your peace and mind and ensure your pets have the care and attention they need and deserve.

Our friendly and professional associates perform several different tasks during our daily check-in visits. Our visits are particularly helpful for dog owners who find themselves spending long hours at the office, or even for people who are planning to take a day trip out of town.

When our associates perform a daily in-home pet visit in Wilmington, DE, here are just some of the services rendered:


As a top dog walker in Wilmington, DE, we’re proud of our ability to provide your pet with a long, meaningful walk. During each visit, we’ll walk your dog for at least half an hour. In case of inclement weather, we’ll play with your dog indoors during our visit.


During each in-home visit, we’ll freshen your pet’s water and feed them, depending on their specific feeding schedule. Additionally, if you’ve run out of pet food, just let us know, and we’ll pick some up on our way. We can also administer any medication your pet may need during our visit.

Other tasks:

Our friendly care professionals will perform several tasks to help you feel welcome once you return home. We’ll bring in the mail and touch up your house plants. If you’re coming home after dark, we’ll even leave the light on for you! You can count on us to ensure that you feel welcome and ready to relax once you arrive.


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If you’re considering investing in daily check-in services, arrange a free in-home consultation with a member of our staff. We’ll come by and meet your pet, and discuss the tasks needed to keep your animals healthy and happy.

To arrange for your free in-home consultation and to begin scheduling daily check-in services, contact us today at 302-475-5454.

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