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My mom (her name is Amy) and I found each other when I was about a year old. My previous humans couldn’t keep me, which was a good thing, because they were mean to me and mean to each other! Very mean!  My mom took me, along with 2 kitty cats, out of the mean abusive home and gave us a wonderful life.  We were so lucky to have someone care enough to get us out of that situation!  In return, we behaved really really well!!

I suddenly got sick with kidney failure at the end of the summer of 2008, and although my mommy tried to do everything possible for me that she could, I just couldn't hang in there.  For whatever reason, it was my turn to go to the rainbow bridge.  She says that all the research she did on kidney failure in dogs says that by the time we dogs even start to show symptoms of kidney failure, our kidneys are already almost 75 percent gone.  There was nothing she could do, but she sure tried.  My mommy has been very very sad, and I am too.  I miss her.  She keeps saying I was her only child, and life will never be the same without me.  But I know in time she will help save another poor homeless animal like me and love it too.  We will never forget each other and I will be waiting for my beloved mommy at the end of the rainbow bridge.

Mom says I was the best dog ever. I think she was the best mommy ever too. We used to go on tons and tons of walks and hikes and runs.  She let me come on the boat with her up in Maine, and even got me my own life jacket!  Take a look at some of my pictures above and see how much fun I had during my short life.  We were both really lucky. WOOF!

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