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Price List

Charges are based on proximity to sitter, number of pets and nature of duties. Prices are based on a 5-7 mile radius of a pet sitter. If your sitter needs to travel outside their area, there will an extra charge of $5/visit. If you have multiple animals, or they need to be walked separately, there will be an extra charge. All charges are calculated on a case-by-case basis at the initial consultation. Thank you!

Key Pickup
There is a $10 fee for additional trips to drop-off or pick-up keys beyond the initial consultation. We will gladly store your key on file for future visits.

Daily dog walks
Three or more days per week, on a year-round basis. This is a discounted rate for our regular, ongoing clients.

  • 30 minutes - $21
  • 45 minutes - $26

Quick potty break
We'll come give them a nice little break from their day inside. This is an option for anyone who wants to get their kenneled dog or dog without access to outside out for a stretch/potty break, or perfect for the summer time when the dogs don't want to be out in the heat for long.

  • 15 minutes - $20
  • 15 minutes - $18 (for regular clients with 3 or more visits a week)

Vacation visits
Initial Consultation - first consultation free (a regular visit rate will apply to any subsequent consultations)   

  • 15 minutes (scaredy-cats visit) - $20  (this is only for non-social cats or birds)
  • 30 minutes - $24
  • 45 minutes - $29
  • 1 hour - $35
  • Overnight - $85 per night, this is for a 10-12 hour period (extra visits during the day will be discounted at $22)

Vet runs and errands
$30 (+ $.50 per mile) for up to the first hour, $25 per hour after that. This service is for taking animals to vet or groomer appointments, picking up food, or picking them up from the kennel.

Medications Administered
No extra charge for this service. We do injections, pills, liquids or subcutaneous fluids.

House Services
We'll come pick up your mail while you're away, water your plants, check your pool level, or any other small household tasks you need to make it look still 'lived-in'.

  • $20 per visit

Holiday fee – $5 per visit on top of the regular rates
Holiday fee – $10 per night for overnights on top of the regular rate
This includes the major holidays and holiday weekends – Christmas Eve (pm visits) and Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve (pm visits) and New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial and Labor Day weekends (Saturday through Monday) and Fourth of July.

There is a $25 returned check fee.
Prices subject to change.

Payments accepted:

        3% charge added to
PayPal payments