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Anytime you refer someone to A Pet’s Dream, online or word-of-mouth, and they use our services, you will receive a free visit.

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"You rock!!! I just wanted to let you know how AWESOME it was to come home to such a happy dog. Sprout must be in love with Buddy :) She must have felt very relaxed as well, because of the small (tiny!) amount of destruction, hee hee! Thanks so much for taking such great care of her, and for giving her play time with another dog. You are the best! Thanks again!!!"
– Amy D =)

"I love your notes…its fun to read about what went on while I was away. I'm going to keep them…"
– U. Stites

"Dear, Dear, Dear Laurie. Goodie, goodie, goodie, Mom and Dad are going away for the weekend. That means we will get to spend time with you!!...we love you! You're the best!!"
– A. Davis

"I'm glad that Abby warmed up to you – that's a real compliment because she's such a one-person kitty…"
– D. Hawthorne



"Amy, how do you expect me to accept someone else to watch my kids when you leave me messages like this? You have spoiled me and it will be extremely hard to have someone else watch these two canine characters that I love so much…"
– J. Botero

"Thanks for taking care of Norton. I'm glad he was a good boy for you…"
– J. Flickinger


"Hi Amy, Just a quick note to say thanks for watching Scraps. It was a pleasure to come home and see that he was happy while we were gone. We worried everyday when he was at the kennel, but that was not the case with you. He knew your name already, and was waiting for his walk! Thanks again, and we will definitely give you a call next time around."
– Sheree, Tony and Scrappy-Do

Scarlett & Einstein


"I just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of HeMan and The Flash! I could tell you really went out of your way, with the Pet Report, the plant protector, etc. I came home last night and they looked happy to me. I just hope they didn't cause too much trouble for you.... Thanks again for taking them over Christmas. I know you are very busy, but I also know that they are in excellent hands."
– M. Jaksic


"Reporting in that we are home and all is well. Baron and Dottie greeted us and Dottie has not quit telling us about your visits. She is very verbal....Thanks for taking such good care of them."
– M.K. Parsons

"Thanks for all that you and your staff do for our furry family members."
– S. Jonas

Jack & Frank

"Guinness wanted me to thank you guys for hanging out with him, while we were gone. He always seems in such great spirits upon our return!!"
– Shannon, G's mom

Ruby & Jake
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking such good care of Miles and Izzy over Thanksgiving. We didn't worry for a second because we knew they were in such good hands – and we were shocked to hear that Miles was already warming up to you! Impressive!!"
– Anne Stratman

"Thank you so much for taking care of Inky! She seemed happy and well-cared for; and your journal was priceless. We've already recommended your service to others and will be sure to call again."
– The Slaninas

"Just wanted to send you a huge thank-you for keeping such good care of our little family (Larry, Curley and Moe) while we were away. I don't think the cats have ever had such a lovely three week vacation from us before. We loved reading your notes. It's a great load off of our minds knowing that you will be there for us the next time. We will certainly not hesitate calling upon you in the future. I will highly recomend you and your services to all our friends."
– Yvonne and Scott from Scottsdale

Murphy & Zoe

"I don't know what I'd do without you guys…it's such a comfort to know that I can call any time and you'll be there…"
– Koval

"Dearest Aunt Amy,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of us while mommy and daddy were away. We love you very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much! We got you a small token of our immense affection. Icer picked it out. We liked the way it glittered and thought that it would enhance your sparkling personality...."
– Penn State, Paterno, Nittany, Icer (and Andrea and Steven) Davis

"To all the lucky pet "parents" in the Phoenix area,

Several years ago I was having to work so much overtime I was really feeling guilty about making my poor dogs and cats wait for their dinner and for the dogs a trip outside. I didn't know much about pet sitting but had seen some brochures in my local pet food store. I went and picked up several. I am so happy and grateful that the first pet sitter I called was A Pet's Dream because I'm sure I could never have found anyone better to trust with the care of my gang. I knew as soon as I spoke with Amy that I liked her and when she came over to meet the chows I was totally impressed. For one she never even hesitated to come and meet "chows" - some pet sitting and boarding facilities refuse to have anything to do with "the difficult breed" but not Amy. She came in, met the gang - 3 rescue chows, 2 chow mixes and 2 cats (at that time). My chows have been known to be a little intimidating to some of my friends but Amy was so easy going and knew just how to slowly and patiently get to know them. Needless to say things worked out great. The dogs grew to absolutely love Amy and when I tried to do some chow rescue and had fosters Amy took care of them too.


Amy is completely reliable. She never once let me down if I needed help. When I moved to the country Amy found one of her pet sitter employees to work with my gang and I still have Peggy who is just wonderful. I have used the service for vacations also and have been completely satisfied. My one old rescue boy is now blind and it is so much easier for him to be home and to be taken care of by someone who knows him. I no longer have to work as much overtime but the one "splurge" I allow myself is to have my pet sitter 2 nights a week. It enables me to run errands.... and when I get home everyone is happy to see me but so relaxed.

So all you pet parents in the Phoenix area - you have the absolutely best pet sitter to hire to take care of your pets. I know you will be very satisfied. We miss Amy but she made sure to leave us in good hands!"

– Connie Graber